TMS3's application programming interface (API) provides a way to integrate and expand third-party applications with the services offered by TMS.

TMS users are able to use the supported methods described below to call our API by HTTP POST or GET to initiate actions (such as sending bulk messages or initiating an OBS billing request) or query information. Certain methods may only be accessed by TMS users that have subscribed to a particular TMS service; such restrictions are indicated in the reference documentation page for these methods.

The API will return a JSON result by default unless the "Accept:" header is passed in the call to define the content type. The API is capable of returning data in the following formats:

  • JSON (application/json) - default
  • XML (application/xml)

Each currently-supported method is described in detail below. Support for additional methods may be added to our API and this document in the future.



Online Billing System (OBS)

Location-based Services (LBS)