How to configure Microsoft Outlook to send SMS messages

TMS provides an Outlook service called "Outlook Mobile Service" to allow you to send text messages directly from Microsoft Outlook.

The following pages will guide you through the short setup necessary to make use of TMS's Outlook SMS Service.

The process differs very slightly for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. Please select the version of Outlook that you are using:

Configuration summary

The following is a quick summary of TMS's Outlook Mobile Service configuration settings:

Outlook field name Value
Service Provider URL / Web Service Address
User ID Your TMS account username
Password Your TMS account password

Sending an SMS

Note: You will need to configure Outlook for SMS messaging via TMS as explained above before you will be able to send SMS messages.

For detailed, step-by-step information on how to send SMS messages using Outlook, please refer to the official Microsoft Office Outlook documentation: