How to configure Thunderbird to send SMS messages

Using our SMS add-on for Thunderbird will allow you to send text messages directly from your Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

The following sections on this page will guide you through the short installation and setup necessary to make use of TMS's Thunderbird SMS extension.

Installing the Thunderbird SMS add-on

  1. Download the extension: right click on the link and select "Save link as from the context menu. Save the file to disk.
  2. Start Thunderbird
  3. In Thunderbird, select Tools -> Add-ons from the main menu bar to open the add-ons manager
  4. Now click on the Install button (bottom-left).
  5. Browse to and select the .xpi file you saved in step 1. Click the Open button.
  6. Thunderbird will display a "Software Installation" window. Press the Install now button when it becomes enabled.

Sending an SMS

Note: You will need to install the Thunderbird SMS add-on as explained above before you will be able to send SMS messages.

To open the SMS editor window in Thunderbird:

  • Select Tools -> New -> Text Message (SMS) from the main menu bar, or
  • Select Message -> New SMS Message from the main menu bar, or
  • Click on the New SMS toolbar button

The SMS editor/composition window works exactly like Thunderbird's built-in e-mail editor. You can specify one or more destination phone numbers by typing them into the "To:" fields provided.

Note that you can also simply type in a recipient's name as well, and the TMS SMS add-on will auto-complete the destination based on the contacts in your address book that have mobile numbers. You may also set up and use mailing lists for sending bulk SMS messages using the standard Thunderbird address book, exactly like you would for bulk e-mail.

Once have selected your recipients, enter the message in the large message box provided. In the current version of this add-on, you are limited to 160 characters per message; this may change in the future.

Finally, click the Send toolbar button to send your SMS message. The system will respond to inform you whether or not it was sent successfully. If it was sent, the window will close.

All sent SMS messages are automatically added to the Sent folder under your Local Folders group in the main Thunderbird screen.