What is TMS?

TMS3 is a mobile communications aggregation platform. It allows application and web-site developers to easily integrate mobile technologies such as SMS and USSD into existing or new projects. End-users can also leverage the power of TMS via our easy-to-use pre-built SMS solutions.

TMS3 connects to the major networks in South Africa and serves as middleware to make these networks' services available to third parties using standards-based, easy-to-use protocols and abstracting away all connectivity issues.

In addition to the various mobile communication services provided by TMS3, it gives its users access to a full-featured web-based administrative interface, allowing you to manage your mobile services as you see fit. Real-time reporting for all mobile services are also available via your administrative dashboard or as Microsoft Excel™-compatible downloadable files.

The TMS platform provides the perfect base for content providers to supply content to any cell-phone owner in South Africa.

Services available

TMS3 provides access to a wide variety of mobile services across the major mobile networks, including:

SMS SMS: Connect with thousands of your customers in an instant and enable them to provide valuable feedback directly to you. Use Outlook to send SMS messages to your contacts. Build keyword-based SMS applications or run SMS competitions.
USSD USSD: Engage in real-time interactive communication with any mobile handset and deliver a rich mobile experience to your customers without the need for any installation or configuration on the phone.
OBS OBS: Provide your users with premium-rated content or value-added services charged directly to their mobile account via our Online Billing System.
LBS LBS: Location-Based Services allows you to provide mobile users with information or products relevant to their current location, in real-time.

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