What is SMS?

SMS text messaging is the most widely used data application in the world, and allows short text messages to be sent between mobile handsets and mobile networks.

SMS is not a real-time service, rather a store and forward scheme is employed by the mobile network, in order to prevent messages from being lost if the volume of traffic is high. A message can be stored on the network, until the mobile handset is available or until the message's validity period expires.

SMS messages are charged on a per message basis by the mobile network operators. SMS messages can be:

  • mobile originated (MO), where the message originates from the user's mobile handset and is destined for the mobile network
  • mobile terminated (MT), where the message originates from the mobile network and is destined for a mobile handset
TMS3 offer two main kinds of SMS services, bulk SMS (MT SMS) and premium rated SMS (MO SMS).

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS allows MT SMS mesages to be sent to multiple mobile handsets via TMS3. Bulk SMS messages cost less than standard SMS messages. You can send bulk SMS messages, via the TMS3 web interface, a HTTP request, SOAP web services or e-mail. Bulk SMS offers a low cost solution for disseminating information to multiple mobile users.

Premium rated SMS

Premium rated SMS allows MO SMS messages to be received by TMS3 and handled on your behalf or forwarded to you via HTTP. Premium rated SMS messages cost more than standard SMS messages. The most common example for the use of premium rated SMS's is to give people the means to enter a competition. TMS3 allows you to reply to a premium rated SMS message with a MT SMS message (the MT SMS message is charged at bulk SMS rates). It should be noted that the network operators take roughly 50% of the cost of a premium rated SMS message.

Outlook SMS integration

TMS provides an implementation of Outlook Mobile Services, allowing you to send bulk or individual SMS messages directly from Microsoft Outlook - no extra installation necessary!

Please refer to the Outlook SMS setup guide for more information and detailed instructions for configuring Outlook to send SMS messages.

Thunderbird SMS integration

TMS provides a downloadable extension for the popular open-source Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client that enables Thunderbird to send individual bulk SMSs directly to contacts in your address book.

Please refer to the Thunderbird SMS Add-on guide for more information and detailed instructions on using Thunderbird to send SMS messages.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS diagram

Your application sends message to TMS

TMS transmits SMS messages to phones in bulk

Premium-rated/MO SMS

MO SMS diagram

User sends SMS message to short code, e.g. 33050

TMS receives message and forwards it to your application

Your application processes the message and can send reply

Outlook SMS integration

Outlook OMS diagram

Send SMS messages directly from your PC

TMS integrates directly with Microsoft Outlook™ and Mozilla Thunderbird

You can also send SMSs via the TMS web site using your web browser